BBEST is an international conference on Bioenergy. Within the broad field of bioeconomy the 2017 edition of the BBEST will be covering topics related to how bioenergy emerges as a possible leverage for paving the global future, the novel synergy scenarios and the many opportunities ahead.

BBEST 2017 Policy Day will hold discussions about bioeconomy and its links to bio-products, biotechnology, industrial innovation and sustainable development. Plenary and parallel sessions will bring together Brazilian and internationally leading scientists and the business community to present the progress within FAPESP’s BIOEN program and its international partnerships on key topics.

Issues such as responsible land use, crop productivity and resilient multifunctional landscapes, harvesting technology, impact of logistics and scale, integral biorefinery development, and emerging advanced materials and energy carriers for aviation, marine and road transport will be covered during the conference. Students and beginners will have the opportunity to attend special Tutorial sessions on a broad range of topics with important experts in the field.

The Conference will have as its theme "Designing a Sustainable Bioeconomy", subdivided into five main approaches:

1Biomass, agronomy, breeding, biotechnological aspects of plant feedstock;

2Biofuel Technologies, including biomass process engineering and biofuels production;

3Alcoholchemistry, sugarchemistry, oil chemistry, biorefineries, bio-based chemicals, and biomaterials;

4Engines and other conversion devices including aviation applications;

5Sustainability and Impacts.








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