(1) Biomass

Agronomical, breeding, biotechnological aspects of Feedstocks
Engineering aspects of biomass production (harvest, logistics, optimization)
Biomass pretreatment and fractionation
Fundamental research on natural and artificial photosynthesis and carbohydrate metabolism
Source/sink regulation of carbohydrates and photosynthesis
Feedstock ‘omics’
Metabolic engineering and synthetic biology in biorenewables

(2) Biofuel Technologies

Enzymes and enzymatic hydrolysis
Fermentation and anaerobic digestion
Algae based biofuels
Thermochemical conversions
Beyond ethanol

(3) Alcoholchemistry and Biorefineries

High value chemicals and novel materials from plants
Development of an integrated biochemicals complex
Fuel for transportation, heat and electricity
Pilot and demo scale plants (1G and 2G)

(4) Engines and other conversion devices
Internal combustion engines
Other engines

(5) Sustainability

Sustainability of biomass production
Land use and modeling
Economics of Ethanol Production
Water use Social issues (including health, labor, safety)
Human resources and education

(6) Process integration

Zero carbon biorefinery design
Process and harvest technologies, scale of operation
New developments in the processing of agro-feedstocks
Agro-Fuels-Chemicals integration
Crossing the bio/chemo border