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Environmental Development: Editors' Choice Articles
Selected for the Brazilian BioEnergy Science and Technology Conference
Theo Beckers, Editor in Chief, has selected 4 articles related to the scope of the BBEST conference for Editors' Choice.
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We are pleased to share the Editors' Choice selection for Environmental Development with you. These articles are freely available from ScienceDirect. Want to know why they are selected? Go to the platform to learn more and see the full selection.

Potential accounting of regional biomass resource circulations in Japan: A prospective on regional rural–urban partnership
Kazutoshi Tsuda et. al.

Green economy thinking and the control of nitrous oxide emissions
Mark A. Sutton et. al.

Low carbon land development: Is there a future for integration across sectors?
Andrew Bell et. al.

Will the introduction of renewable energy in Europe lead to CO2 reduction without nuclear energy?
Jon Samseth

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Full articles may be published in the following journals, subject to the journal’s peer-review process.

The publication fee will be free of charge for BBEST articles submitted until February, 2015 to the Food and Energy Security Journal. This special deal is currently in negotiation with the editors of the Energy Science & Engineering Journal. 


Food and Energy Security


Open Access

Publisher: Wiley
Editor: Martin Parry


Food and Energy Security is published by Wiley in association with the Association of Applied Biologists – UK

Interest in articles in the following areas:



Sugarcane Breeding

Sugarcane Agricultural Practices

Sustainability – Environment

Sustainability – Socio-Economics of Biofuels


Food and Energy Security seeks to publish high quality and high impact original research on agricultural crop and forest productivity to improve food and energy security. It will be actively seeking submissions from emerging countries with expanding agricultural research communities. Papers from China, other parts of Asia, India and South America will be particularly welcome. The Editorial Board headed by Editor-in-Chief, Professor Martin Parry, is determined to make FES the leading publication in its sector and will be aiming for a top-ranking impact factor from the outset.

Primary research articles should report hypothesis driven investigations that provide new insights into mechanisms and processes that determine productivity and properties for exploitation. Review articles are welcome but they must be critical in approach and provide particularly novel and far reaching insights.

Food and Energy Security offers authors a forum for the discussion of the most important advances in this field and promotes an integrative approach of scientific disciplines. Papers must contribute substantially to the advancement of knowledge.

Examples of areas covered in Food and Energy Security include:

• Agronomy

• Biotechnological Approaches

• Breeding & Genetics

• Climate Change

• Quality and Composition

• Food Crops and Bioenergy Feedstocks

• Developmental, Physiology and Biochemistry

• Functional Genomics

• Molecular Biology

• Pest and Disease Management

• Post Harvest Biology

• Soil Science

• Systems Biology


The journal is Open Access and published online and in four issues per year. Submission of manuscripts to Food and Energy Security is exclusively via a web-based electronic submission and tracking system enabling rapid submission to first decision times.


Energy Science & Engineering


Open Access

Publisher: Wiley
Editor: Tomas Kåberger


Interest in articles in the following areas:

Advanced Biofuels – Ethanol Production

Advanced Biofuels – Cellulosic Ethanol

Advanced Biofuels – Thermochemical Routes


Ethanol Engines


Energy Science & Engineering is published as a co-operative venture of Wiley and SCI (Society of Chemical Industry). SCI is a unique international forum where science meets business on independent, impartial ground. Anyone can join and current Members include consumers, business people, environmentalists, industrialists, farmers, and researchers. The Society offers a chance to share information between sectors as diverse as food and agriculture, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, materials, chemicals, environmental science and safety. As well as organising educational events, SCI awards a number of prestigious honours and scholarships each year, publishes peer reviewed journals, and provides Members with news from their sectors in the respected twice-monthly magazine, Chemistry & Industry.

Originally established in London in 1881 and in New York in 1894, SCI is a registered charity with Members in over 70 countries.

Energy Science & Engineering (ESE). Papers are welcomed on fundamental and applied research on energy supply and use, including the topics listed below (please see the full Aims and Scope for further details):

• General Energy

• Fossil Fuels

• Energy Storage

• Nuclear Energy

• Power Engineering

• Renewable Energy (Bioenergy, biofuels and co-production with other products; Solar energy and photovoltaics; Hydrogen, batteries & fuel cells; Wind energy; Marine energy & hydropower; Geothermal energy; Other renewables)