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SUGARCANE MILL – Field and Industrial Plant

Get to know a modern sugarcane mill that employs high tech cultivation practices including precision agriculture, mechanized harvest without burning, recycles all the field and industry residues, follows strict rules of environmental protection, produces ethanol, sugar, and yeast, and generates its own energy from biomass.


São Manoel Sugar mill

São Manoel Sugar mill is a traditional sugar, ethanol, electricity and yeast producer. The sugar mill, founded in 1949, is located in São Manoel, in central part of the State of São Paulo. Sugarcane cultivated area is 43,000 hectares (including external supplier’s fields), and every year 3.6 million tonnes of cane are crushed to produce 230,000 tons of sugar, 150 million liters of ethanol (hydrated ethanol fuel and anhydrous fuel) for direct use in vehicles and flex fuel vehicles; and 2,100 tons of yeast used as animal feed. A new plant, for 2nd generation ethanol is projected for 2014.

Rational application of fertilizers and agrochemicals are done using precision agriculture techniques; all farming machines are equipped with GPS. Most harvest is done mechanically without burning the fields. All the agricultural operation requires skilled labor to mitigate losses, increase yields to improve competitiveness and a profitable business.

Environmental responsibility taken seriously: São Manoel maintains 3,745 hectares of permanent preservation areas (APPs) and, in 2012, 200,000 native trees were planted. São Manoel has its own nursery to produce trees for its forest recomposition as well as to help its supply partners’ farms to comply with environmental legislation.

São Manoel sugar mill is a company well-known in the sugarcane business complex for its modern and balanced management, in absolute tuning with the surrounding community. São Manoel Sugar mill has the follow certifications and awards: ISO 22000:2005; International standard BONSUCRO1 - Production Certification and Chain of Custody - since October/2001 - a certification that the company has appropriate practices in sustainable sugarcane production, from planting to production sugar and ethanol; CERTIFICATE GREEN ETHANOL – 2012.  São Manoel Mill complies with the policies outlined in the Green Protocol the sugar-ethanol sector signed with the Sugarcane Industry Union of São Paulo (UNICA) and the Government of the State of São Paulo - Secretary of the Environment and the Department of Agriculture and Food Supply. In 2013, São Manoel Mill was awarded the certificate A+ from GRI – Global Reporting Initiative.

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Tour 1 Schedule:

Thursday, 23 October, 7:30 h.

Depart from Campos do Jordão to São Manoel by bus (~400 km). This trip will cross a mixed industrial and agricultural area that characterizes the State of São Paulo.

23 October, 12:30 h


23 October, 13:00 h

Arrival at São Manoel Sugar Mill

23 October, 13:00 – 17:00 h

Welcome presentation of the company. Visit to sugarcane reception in industry, industrial plants of sugar, packing facilities, ethanol production and storage, yeast, residue recycling facilities and storage (vinasse, bagasse, filter cake, composting).


23 October, evening

Dinner and stay at Passer Hotel in the neighboring city of Lençóis Paulista

24 October, 8:00 h

Depart from hotel

24 October, 8:30 h

Field visit at São Manoel Mill. Sugarcane fields operations, including harvest, recycling of vinasse and other by-products, forest recomposition works, plant nurseries and other sustainability actions.

24 October, 12:00

Lunch and Departure from São Manoel

24 October, 17:00

Arrival in São Paulo where the tour ends.